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Tips for keeping safe during Music Festival Season

Tips for Keeping Safe During Music Festival Season

As Music Festival season quickly approaches, Star Events offers a few tips on how to keep safe while still being able to soak in all the concert fun!

  1. Beat the Heat

Hot days and physical exertion, don’t always make the best combo. In order to avoid heat related illness and help protect you from the sun, it is important to:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Apply and reapply sunscreen every three to six hours
  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing
  • Take breaks in the shade


  1. Stay Hydrated, Don’t Overindulge

Staying hydrated is essential at a Music Festival. Drinking water frequently and fueling up on snacks like watermelon, grapes and berries can help a ton, especially when the heat index reaches and surpasses 100. If you’re drinking alcohol it is important to maintain a good water-to-alcohol ratio. Try to drink twice as much water as alcohol.


  1. Fight Off Germs

Close quarters make concerts a nest for various viruses and bacterial infection. To keep yourself cleared from sickness, wash your hands and use napkins to turn on sinks and open doors. It can also be helpful to load up on vitamin C in the weeks prior to attending a music festival in order to strengthen your immune system.


  1. Avoid the Usage of Drugs

Each year people die or are severely hurt because of drug use or heavy drinking. Be smart, it’s not worth the risk.


  1. Other Tips
  • Eat healthy and don’t skip meals.
  • Protect your ears and don’t stand too close to speakers.


Take a look at our upcoming Chicago festival schedule!


How to Maximize Your Sales this Summer

How to Maximize Your Sales this Summer as a Street Vendor

As everyone in the festival world is ramping up for the upcoming season, StarEvents offers some great tips on how to maximize your sales this summer. Take a look!

1. One month before the festival:

  • Mail postcards to your established contact list about the festivals you will be attending over the summer.
  • Follow up with an email postcard which includes specific festival information, dates, times, location, etc.
  • Display festival info on your website and update with new products and pictures of what you will be selling at the festival.

2. Provide festival directors information about you and your work so they can display on any promotional materials if needed.

3. When at the show, do not just sit behind your booth and wait for people to come to you. You need to draw them in by working with your product making new things or demonstrating its purpose. Make sure if you are making jewelry or anything you wear, that you are also wearing the product.

4. Have a sign-in book in your booth to build your contact list. Input new names and emails at the conclusion of every day to keep up with the load.

5. Shows are all about the booth set up. Make sure it’s visually appealing. Price your work fairly. Show different types of work at all price points to give them options at every level.

6. Always have your business card available and hand them out readily to people walking by and also put them on a table for people to grab if you are busy with other customers.

7. Interaction is key at these street festivals. Explaining the story behind your product will put a face behind a certain product they buy. Doing this makes it more likely for the customer to buy something.

8. Offer to create a piece on commission for interested parties. Let them know you are willing and able to make custom pieces.

9. After the show, follow up with leads and deliver on promises. Make new work and keep updating your style to keep a steady flow of customers.

Hope you enjoyed our tips! If there are any other tips you would be interested in us blogging about please let us know! Email Info@StarEvents.Com 

See you this Summer!

Ways to Gain Loyal Event Attendees

Ways to Gain Loyal Event Attendees

Many great events rely on repeat attendees in order to maintain success year after year. The challenge is providing an unforgettable experience, while also leaving your guests wanting more. If an attendee has a wonderful experience at your event, they will want to return next year or hopefully attend other events you produce. This is the type of atmosphere any event producer tries to provide and here are a few tips on how you can achieve it.

Provide High-Quality Customer Service

Providing a great experience all starts with customer service. Do your best to make sure your attendees feel valued and excited to be at the event. From arrival to departure, they should be treated with appreciation.

Showing attendees that you are organized and prepared is also another form of providing customer service. Guest are sure to share their experience and return as future customers, if they feel like the event was well put together and successful. A great example of visible customer service is in the welcome you provide at your events.

Keep Your Events Fresh and New

No one wants to attend an event that is exactly the same year after year. Part of the thrill of returning to an event is to see what they have in store for each new year, month, etc. From decor, to talent, to a cool sponsored build out, your attendees will look forward to what you have in store event to event.

Providing this fresh and unique experience each time, can be a challenge, but it also gives you a wonderful opportunity to be creative and think outside the box. Utilize everyone on your team and take everyone’s ideas into consideration. Surveying past attendees makes for good idea generation.

Encourage Engagement

Engaging your attendees is a very important part of gaining them as loyal supporters. Finding new ways that they can interact with each other, the presenters, entertainment, or atmosphere around them will make the event more compelling. If they feel connected to the event they will be much more likely to return and to share their experience with other future attendees.

Empower your attendees to connect with others to spread the word about your event. Repeat attendees can become one of your biggest marketing tools by engaging their friends, colleagues, before, during and after the event.

Provide a Sense of Ownership

Turning your attendees into advocates who feel deeply connected to your event is the ultimate way to transform them into loyal attendees. When you feel a sense of ownership in anything you want to it do well and enjoy being a contributing part of that success. This ownership can easily come through asking for attendee feedback.

Loyal attendees will fuel the repeated success of your event. Work hard to ensure your guests are happy and satisfied with their experience. When you plan an event, you want to create an atmosphere that your attendees will feel connected to. If you can provide them with a sense of ownership, create a wonderful experience and value their opinions, you are well on your way to success for years to come.

The Best St. Patrick’s Day Specials in Chicago

The Best St. Patrick’s Day Specials in Chicago

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, so you have a whole week to celebrate with St. Patrick’s Day specials like green beer, Irish whiskey shots and bar food to soak it all up. These restaurants and pubs are celebrating the Irish holiday with traditional options like Guinness, corned beef, cocktails and more. Here’s where to eat and drink for the week and before and after the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Bull and Bear (River North)

There’s something ironic about a posh stock market-themed bar opening in the midst of an economic crisis. The specialty cocktails and upscale bar food like truffle fries with lemon aioli are well executed if you have the cash to burn, and make sure your credit card is ready for one of the booths with table-side beer taps—you might get carried away if you’re the one doing the pouring.

Farm Bar (Lakeview)

Farmheads, the group that brought you Farmhouse Chicago and Evanston, is bringing Farm Bar, a bar that’s working to have Midwest-only beer, wine, cocktails and food. The team has crafted several variations of their own cider in Mineral Point, Wisconsin that will be available at the bar. The menu is simple with burgers, sandwiches, salads, appetizers and bar snacks and offer a special comfort food weekly and a special of the day.

La Sirena Clandestina (West Loop)

La Sirena Clandestina recalls the sneak-away beachside joints of Rio de Janiero that inspire its name ‘hidden mermaid.’  Chef John Manion serves Latin-local fare with distinctly Brazilian influences that draw on his childhood in Brazil as well as two decades cooking in Chicago.

The wine list is eclectic, focusing on natural and bio-dynamic producers. The cocktail program highlights the spirits of the Americas with ample acidity and brightness with an eye towards innovation. Located at 954 W. Fulton Market, the space offers up an intimate yet lively vibe that easily makes guests forget time and place.

Miss Ricky’s (Loop)

The funky first-floor diner is the best place to eat at the Virgin. The all-day menu includes breakfast, so props for that, especially since it includes Ina Pinkney’s Heavenly Hots pancakes from the shuttered Ina’s, and salty-sweet chicken and waffles with sriracha honey. There’s a diner counter, a back room that can be turned into a private space, a serviceable club sandwich, and a gooey crab and shrimp dip that made a great late-night snack. Skip the watery Bloody Mary and sip the creamy, balanced Main Street, which includes tequila, Campari, cream soda and passionfruit. Miss Ricky’s is open late and screens silent old movies on the wall. It’s not a bad place to end the night, whether you’re staying in the hotel or not.

The Dawson (Noble Square)

The Dawson, the new restaurant from owners Billy Lawless (Henri and the Gage) and Branko Palikuca, opened in October with an all-star line-up: chef Rene De Leon, formerly of Next and Alinea; Clint Rogers, late of Henri, the general manager and leader of the beverage program; and Annemarie Sagoi, formerly of the Charleston, helming the cocktail program.

How to Manage Event Feedback

How to Manage Event Feedback

Post event surveys are the key to staying one step ahead of your attendees and make sure you see both positive and negative aspects of your event.


Bad food? Poor service? No event planner wants to hear these things, but it’s the first step in knowing how people think about your event. Don’t sit around and wait for the negativity to start affecting your revenue. Ask thought provoking questions that will give you a well-rounded sense of what your audience’s wants and needs are.


Once you find out a few of the not so good things people are thinking, address them right away so they don’t spread. If the post is public, respond directly and ask them to contact you privately to resolve the issue. This shows the attendee you are trying to make it right.

Take Charge

Use the negative comments to refine your current processes. It is a way to understand your audience and give leverage to manage their expectation next time around.


Everyone makes mistakes, so this may be the most important tactic for handling bad feedback. While it is important to make the necessary changes to acknowledge your audience, you can’t hold on to it forever.

Events hold many possibilities and attendees with opinions. It is important to listen to those opinions and do everything in your control to make it better. Knowing that sometimes not everything is under your control, you just have to let go and move forward trying to better the business is every way possible!

Time Management Tips for Busy Event Professionals

Time Management Tips for Busy Event Professionals

Being an event professional is probably the most underrated, busiest job in the world. How is one supposed to stay focused when life is so busy and our clients always manage to call us with changes and last minute details? Balancing several clients, our home lives and trying to seek personal development all at the same time can be tough. Here are a few tips that can help manage the stress of being a busy event professional.

Leverage Apps

One of the simplest changes you can make in your journey towards balance is to leverage the thousands of productivity and task management apps available on your mobile device. Many can sync with our email systems and other devices to keep us organized. 

Schedule Your Life

Everything that needs to be accomplished needs to be in your calendar or to do list, which ideally, is synced to your calendar. You need to schedule time for everything on your calendar. Seeing your to do list written out everyday makes you see whether to not you have too much on your plate. We suggest adding your personal life on your to do list as well. This makes sure you get a well rounded day accomplish for peace of mind.

Work in Bulk

While scheduling all activities, think about how they can be grouped in like-activites for larger chunks of time. This allows you to get more done at a time and freed up to work on other smaller projects later in the day.

Do you have tips on how to manage your time? Please share in the comments or email us at

7 Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing

7 Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing

1.Optimize post on all relevant social networks

Share blog post links on every social media handle that your target market uses. Always use pictures with the post as well. A great picture will draw a potential reader or customer in immediately.

2.Share repeatedly on Twitter

The twitter world moves very fast. So sharing one time on twitter isn’t likely to get you a lot of views. What has been proven to work is: post two times the day you post, once the day after, one week later, two weeks later, one month later, then finally two months later. Keep in mind that this is only Twitter.

3.Share at the optimal time your audience in online

There are good times and bad time to share on social media. Your target audience will have a unique pattern so observe carefully. The major rule of thumb is 9am to 5pm on weekdays. Make sure to give your followers ample time to repost, retweet, etc.

4.Keep the character count under 120

This seems obvious for Twitter but you want to make sure all post look the same and you are getting across the same message. It also leaves room for easy retweeting.

5.Respond throughout the day and monitor

Do not just post and forget about them. Interacting with the audience will build brand loyalty. Social media users have come to expect this and brands that do not respond quickly risk being seen as unapproachable or uncaring.

6.Make sure dimensions of your visual are correct

As mentioned earlier, photo visuals are very important for your social media and blog posts. The same picture may not work on all platforms so make sure you understand the dimension requirements for each social media platforms. Here is an easy guide created by Sprout Social.

7.#Hashtags #Are #Everything

Finally, make sure to research, record and use all hashtags that could draw your audience to your message. Using hashtags that the target audience uses will be an easy start. You could also follow fellow influencers within your niche market and see what hashtags they are using.

Top 4 Most Unique Event Venues

Top 4 Most Unique Event Venues

Choosing a venue is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of an event. It doesn’t mean that your venue has to be the most expensive and luxurious. It means that the venue has to leave a lasting memory for the attendee, because that’s really the goal of any event – experience.

While the following options might not be for every client or budget, the combination of experiences that they can’t forget and won’t want to forget collide into the perfect venue selection.

1.Instead of sleeping with the fishes, you can dine with them!

The right venue can transform a simple sit down meal to memorable experience. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is the world’s first underwater restaurant in the Maldives. In a restaurant like this, the food is almost secondary and will surely give your guests an experience they will never forget.

2.Under the Northern Lights

A family owned hotel, 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, is unlike any other hotel. The hotel’s busiest season is in February. Since winter nights are long in Lapland, dawn fades into an afternoon sundown, giving attendees 18 hours of an evening with the northern lights above. Though it’s a hotel, it has room for a 400 seated meeting space.

3.Walking on Air

A lot of people have visited the Grand Canyon, but has everyone walked across the skywalk? I didn’t think so. The U-shaped glass skybridge extends out over the canyon and the Colorado River. At the end of the glass bridge, the rim of the Grand Canyon is 70 feet behind you. The opposite rim in three miles in front. And when you look down, the Colorado River is 4,000 feet below. Maybe not the easiest excursion for your company, but it sure would be a sight to see!

4.Surf Austin

Austin definitely has a reputation for delivering the hip and unexpected. What would you not expect to do in Austin – surf?
Well, they have a surf park now… and it is amazing! The 160 acre surf park has waves from one to four to perfectly curling six footers in its midst. This would be an experience if you were to ever bring your meeting, conference or event to Austin. Group offerings are hard to resist when it comes to this surf park.

Check bag next week for for tips and tricks of the trade. Email Info@StarEvents.Com if you have any suggested blog topics.

Incentive Travel Trips: How to Engage the New Generation

Incentive Travel Trips: How to Engage the New Generation

There’s no doubt that Millennials are changing the workplace and shifting the world of event planning professionals. This generation, defined globally as people born between 1981 and 2000, is considered the most influential group changing the travel planning industry. By 2020, Millennials will make up half of the global workforce.

This being said, event planners need to evolve the way they think in order to keep the Millennial’s wants and needs in mind. These 5 strategies below will bring organizations successful and sustainable planning options.

Emerging Destinations with Corporate Social Responsibility: It’s not all about having ‘fun in the sun’ incentive trips anymore. This generation, more than any, get more out of exploring new cultures and giving back to those communities.

Selecting Destinations with Purpose: It used to just matter the size and capacity of the venue. Now, venues need to offer an ‘experience’ to enrich the lives of these Millennials. New themes and amenities with connectivity to wellness are important. Overall, unique and locally adapted properties are very much welcomed by this generation.

All About the Food & Beverage: Today, all attendees have well developed palates that care about where the food and beverages come from. Bringing in local food and wine with a back story can really help maintain the uniqueness and sophistication of the Millennial’s experience.

Interactive Entertainment is a Must: It is no surprise that Millennials want to be stimulated, inspired, educated and engaged. Additionally, being born into such a digital age, the new generation is accustomed to instant gratification. This leaves the challenge for the event planner to curate an experience that will impress a worldly, savvy audience.

Grown Up Party Favors: In the past, simple brand name gadgets and gifts would have satisfied as a parting gift. Now, younger attendees prefer to choose their gifts at an amenity bar, often set up right at check-in.

This formula for a successful incentive trip is ever changing. For an event professional to keep up, they need to change their practices as much as the generation allows.  Crafting the right combination of destination, property, cuisine, entertainment and gifts will help you meet and exceed incentive traveler expectations.

Popular Destinations for Incentive Travel 2016 (information found on

  • Los Cabos, Mexico
  • Panama City, Panama
  • Miami Beach, Florida
  • Las Vegas
  • New Orleans
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Vietnam
  • Europe River Cruising

Top 10 Event Trends for 2016

Top 10 Event Trends for 2016

What will be the biggest trend to make an impact on your upcoming event ? This is the question all event planners ask at the beginning of the year, in order for their event to connect with the most successful target market. As event planners, it’s time to deal with the changing world around us. Event MB states, “94% of event professionals will invest in technology to increase engagement at events.” This being said, read below to see the top 10 event trends for 2016.

1. Audio Beacons

These beacons offer endless possibilities of establishing quick communications with your attendees. It’s the increasingly trendy way of communicating with your audiences at small and large events. There’s anticipation of a lot of interest from key players in the event industry. Companies to look at that are into Audio Beacons are Lisnr and Silverpush.

2.Digital Swag bags

Gift bags were always the best part about going to a friend’s party when you were little, right? You’re lying if you disagree. Apps like Virtual Event Bags and Event Baxx are making this childhood memory come back to life in the virtual world. You can send all of your attendees a goody bag of promotions and discounts after your event, while gathering valuable lead generating information.

3.Safety First

Event planners always have to have the ‘safety first’ mentality as a priority. We see this movement with the shift in the environment that we live in today. These apps help event professionals stay connected with their attendees to effectively communicate through common scenarios at events around the world. Initlive and Lineapp are apps that are growing in this industry.

4.Mobile Pay

Cashless payments are becoming a reality in larger cities around the world. Apple Pay is already making a huge impact in this industry so event planners are having to change the way they exchange goods. Payments are being exchanged over cell phones, wristbands, or badges. The convenience makes the cashless payments a big part of what we are going to see this 2016 event season.

5.Wedding Technology

Weddings make up a big portion of the event world. Everything is going online now, and so is planning your wedding. Apps like Wedocracy and Aisle Planner make planning your wedding that much easier to connect with vendors to checklists before the big day.

6.Online Staffing

Online support for events has massively grown over the past few years. Apps like GetTheEvent is a good way to quickly find high quality professionals to help last minute for your event that you know have similar experience for the event world.

7.Social Ambassadors

Over the past few years, we’ve come to find that sharing the Facebook and Twitter posts aren’t enough to get the positive impressions that we need. Having a social ambassador promote your event or brand within their own community and having a tangible face and experience to remember is just another perk for our business. Apps like Ingo and Peppertix are companies in the Social Ambassador industry. 

8.Venue Hunting

The venue search is a lot like how people look for houses and apartments now. Event professionals have the classic venue search while driving in the car, solely at their fingertips. Apps like Headbox and Splacer make is so the event planner can go straight to the source while skipping the marketing and sales nonsense.

9. Match Making

Event mobile apps are steadily growing, as is our industry. They connect the people to the event in order to network with other individuals. The networking capabilities of events has increased so these apps like Charlie App and Intros help people make the most of it. 

10.Crowd Streaming

Though live streaming has been around for years, it’s making a comeback in 2016 with people downloading apps like Meerkat and Periscope. It is affecting the event planner by connecting individuals and groups to a live broadcast of the event that they might not have been able to attend otherwise.

Hope the top 10 event trends for 2016 helps you get ready for this eventful season. Check back to our blog next week to see more tips and trends in the events industry!