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February 19 Ramenfest
May 5 Nasmaste
April 30 & May 7 Walk MS Illinois
May 19-21 Mayfest
May 26-28 Mole de Mayo
June 3 TBD
June 9-11 Andersonville Midsommarfest
June 16-18 Taste of Randolph
June 17-18 Gold Coast Art Fest
 July 1-2 Live on Lincoln
July 7-9  Ruido Fest
July 15-16  Southport Art Fest
 July 21-23  Forest Park Music Fest
 August 5-6  Edge Fest
August 11-13 Retro on Roscoe
August 17 Clark After Dark
August 18-20 Festa Italiana
September 8-10 Rocktober Beerfest
September 16-17 West Loop Art Fest
 September 23-24  Hyde Park Jazz Fest
 December, 2017  Polar Palooza